With over 30 years Experience, Dr. Bossche can hardly be described as an ‘anti-vaxxer’

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche phD, DVM is a world-renowned vaccine developer, headed projects for Glaxo-Smithkline and Novartis, worked for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI, was Head of the Vaccine Development Office for the German Centre for Infection Research (DZIF) and had a vaccine consultancy business from 2012 to 2019. With over 30 years' experience in the field Dr. Bossche can hardly be described as an 'anti-vaxxer'. Nevertheless he has issued a dire and urgent warning about the serious dangers of creating uncontrollable pandemics due to the way in which the new covid experimental genetic drugs, being pushed hard around the world, actually work.

He writes: "Immediate cancellation of all ongoing covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns should now become THE most acute health emergency of international concern. I don't see how mass vaccination campaigns would not lead to a disastrous aggravation of the covid-19 pandemic. However, no one else seems to realise; instead, vaccinologists, clinicians and scientists are merely focusing on the short-term results and impact at an individual level. Nobody seems to be looking at the consequences and risk at a human population level (which, according to my understanding, will become manifest quite soon). Vaccine deployment in the ongoing mass immunisation campaigns are highly likely to further enhance adaptive immune reactions as none of the current vaccines will prevent replication/transmission of viral variants. The more we use these vaccines for immunising people in the midst of a pandemic, the more infectious the virus will become. With increasing infectiousness comes an increased likelihood of viral resistance to the vaccines. It's not exactly rocket science, it's a basic principle taught in a student's first vaccinology class: One shouldn't use a prophylactic vaccine in populations exposed to high infectious pressure (which is now certainly the case as multiple highly infectious variants are currently circulating in many parts of the world).

I am beyond worried about the disastrous impact this would have on our human 'race'. Not only would people lose vaccine-mediated protection but also their precious, variant-nonspecific, innate immunity will be gone. As a dedicated virologist and vaccine expert I have alerted all responsible health and regulatory authorities, including WHO, CDC, FDA etc. and I have asked them to consider my concern and to immediately open the discussion about the disastrous consequences any further immune escape of covid-19 would have. I know, of course, that current mass vaccination campaigns enjoy vigorous and world-wide support from a multitude of different parties/ stakeholders. However, unless I am proven wrong, this cannot be an excuse for ignoring that mankind may currently be transforming a quite harmless virus into an uncontrollable monster. I've never been that serious about a statement I made."

Another key scientist has also spoken out about his concerns. Dr. Robert Malone, who invented the mRNA technology that's now being used in the COVID-19 vaccine, told Fox News Tucker Carlson that "there isn't enough data about the risks for these age groups" and "doesn't believe 'they' should be forced to get vaccinated".

'I don't think the benefits outweigh the risks in that cohort,' said Malone, referring to people in the 18 to 22 age bracket, 'but unfortunately the risk-benefit analysis is not being done.'

'My concern is I know there are risks but we don't have access to the data,' Malone said. 'And so, I am of the opinion that people have the right to decide whether to accept vaccines or not, especially since these are experimental vaccines.

'The government is not being transparent about the risks': Inventor of MRNA vaccines says people should not be forced to take experimental COVID vaccines because risks aren't known and under 18s and those who've had the virus shouldn't take it.

Malone shared his concerns the same day that an advisory group for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say there
is a 'likely link' between rare cases of heart inflammation in adolescents and young adults and the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.

Anybody considering (or being coerced into) getting these injections certainly owes it to themselves to research into what mRNA vaccines do to the cells in the body, and whether being part of a mass clinical drug trial, for which the companies producing the drugs have no liability, is the best route to long term optimal health.

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