UK has become Britain’s most watched alternative media news programme.

UK Column has become Britain's most watched alternative media news programme. broadcasts live at 1pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. An hour long program is presented that is specifically designed to meet what they describe as the needs of "Middle England". Consciously and deliberately not wishing to appear as "Conspiracy theorists" they are sticking religiously and doggedly to the facts and to realistic interpretations of The Office for National Statistics and Government Scientist figures and facts.

UK is a local Devon based alternative Media outlet that has been going for more than a decade. It is tremendous that the southwest is producing such a large volume of quality alternative media and UK is the Jewel In The Crown of the region. UK Column presenters have now become national celebrities, being surrounded by flocks of people whenever they attend a local or national event, which they do on a regular basis. These down-toearth gentlemen work hard and yet come across as being relaxed, focused and completely sincere. Presented with calmness and clarity the programs founder Brian Gerrish is an ex lieutenant Commander in the Royal Navy. As a lieutenant commander he dedicated his working life to the defence of our country, believing in the narrative, however when he retired he took off his captain's cap, took off his blinkers and decided to think for himself.

After experiencing a number of extraordinary events he was led to the extraordinary conclusion that the world was not the way they tell it. He knew then that the true mission or his life was the defense of his country but not in the way in which he had originally thought for so many years. Brian Gerrish got together with Mike Robinson, a highly intelligent and gifted Gentleman with huge energy for the truth and they formed a newspaper called the UK Column. This was distributed widely across the country and was hugely popular. Then an opportunity was presented to them  to appear on the Sky TV platform and present information across Europe on the Satellite system and the idea was born to create a video news program. Now their insightful news program can be seen and streamed from their website UK Column. org. This is an absolute must watch for those who want to know the truth about what is actually unfolding. will systematically take news stories from the government and mainstream media and look deeply and sincerely at the underlying facts, deep statistics and discover the truth of the matter and re-represent the news in the light of the new reality. This has been tremendously popular and is a fantastic service to many, providing opportunities to join the dots. really is THE place to confidently send people, where you know that the information that they will receive has been thoroughly researched, independently analysed and presented in a professional and intelligent manner. Do check out their website and sign up to their newsletter and keep in touch with the UK's number one alternative news program - from the heart of plymouth.

Brian Gerrish is a former Royal Navy Officer from the Cold War era. Specialised in anti-submarine warfare, he worked with Royal Navy, US UK and NATO maritime forces conducting operations to locate and track Soviet nuclear submarines the Norwegian Sea, North Atlantic and US eastern seaboard. Having left the Royal Navy in 1993, Brian spent several years working in the private sector, specialising in environmental and contaminated land risk management for large scale construction projects. In the late 1990s he took an interest in firstly, the rise of unaccountable EU political power and influence within the UK, and secondly, the corrupting influence of the political charity Common Purpose within government, and the public, private and community sectors. Reporting his findings in written articles and public talks, Brian was steadily drawn into a new life as a public speaker and investigative journalist, with the UK Column newspaper - which he formed together with Mike Robinson - and which is now a broad based independent news media organisation. Alongside his continuing work to highlight the rise of a dangerous political dictatorship within UK, Brian has also remained focused on working to expose UK state sponsored child abuse and trafficking. He recognises that we fight against spiritual powers in high places.

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