‘Trust in God and tether your camel’ – Preparation for an uncertain future

'Trust in God and tether your camel' -
Preparation for an uncertain future.

THERE is no doubt that
we are indeed living in
unprecedented times. The
changes that we have all
seen happen to our lives
and those around us in the
last 18 months, could never
have been predicted by the
common man -although
perhaps by the WEF. However
for all this to have come
about it is very clear that
the likelihood is that yet
more change is most likely
to be around the corner.
Supply chains are breaking
down with vital raw materials in
short supply and key components
in production lines no longer
readily available. International
shipping has been severely
hampered by many recent events
including one entire major Chinese
port being closed, shipping
containers in very short supply
and the blocking of the Suez canal.

Food supplies are already being
hit and shortages are, according
to mainstream media sources, on
their way. These potential food
shortages are but one variable
in a rapidly changing world of
uncertainty. We clearly cannot
continue to rely on the world
being in the way in which we have
always been used to. Preparing for
certain changes, of an uncertain
nature, is certainly a difficult task.
But the basic principles of human
survival remain the same, we
need clean water, nutritious food,
functional shelter, fire for warmth
and cooking and most importantly
we need each other's company.
One of the primary aims
of developing this newspaper,
the website, the newspaper
distribution network and the
face-to-face and online support
groups is to bring the community
together in preparation for this
transition of uncertainty. "United
We Stand divided we Fall'. This
isn't a new statement but it's

truth is becoming increasingly
and more urgently apparent.
Building local communities of
people that understand the new
rules of the game is key to playing
the game well and to winning -
whatever that may look like.
We all have to learn how to
shift identities in relationship to
shifting circumstances and the
new roles that we have to play
in life and our wider society.
Preparing to be independent
of the State and the current
corporate Monopoly is a daunting
process but one that we now
must consider to be worthwhile.
"Better Safe than Sorry" is another
universal maxim that also seems
to be gaining renewed popularity.
"Trust in God and Tether your
Camel" is yet another favorite.
So although in our deepest
hearts we all do trust, as Bob says,
that "Everything will be alright", if
we don't "Make Sure" that we have
actually got food, water, shelter, fire
and a good community available

and functional, then we may just
not have means and mechanisms
of survival that might be suddenly
required. We may find that our
Camel has indeed wandered off.
What we know to be "reality"
is shifting, what was normal is no
longer and a new normal seems
to be being imposed upon us. The
old normal was never normal in
the first place. But our community
based new normal is a much
more responsible and self reliable
strategy, based on accepting this
new reality and by engaging
with this now reasonable and
appropriate preparation, for what
is surely going to come to pass.
Many of the local face to face
support groups have "Preparation"
as one of the focuses of the support
groups activities. So please do
come along to a local group and
you can get the help you need to
start the ball rolling down the road
to self-sufficiency and sustainability,
in a way that is integrated
into your local community.

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