Trooth Community Assemblies – preserving our inalienable rights.

COMMUNITY Assemblies are groups of women and men who provide mutual support to residents and each other to ensure all are treated fairly by the authorities, including health and social care services. These Assemblies are made up of residents concerned about a lack of democratic process at a local and national level, dedicated to preserving and asserting our inalienable rights and obligations to ourselves, the planet and future generations. The Community Assembly is not a new concept and it has been around since King Alfred who introduced it between the years 870 and 890 AD. Trooth Community Assemblies abide by Natural Common Law which is the very bedrock of our constitution with all other laws being subservient to it. The four main tenets of common law are

Do no Harm, Commit no Fraud, Cause no Loss and Keep the Peace.

Trooth Community Assemblies aim to build a network of people in Assemblies across as wide an area as possible to do the following:-

Gather and disseminate information: Please join Trooth Community Assemblies if you would like to play a more active role in bringing truth and support to as wide an audience as possible. This cooperation between Trooth Community Assemblies and other organizations has allowed them to achieve much more than was originally dreamt possible in such a short timeframe.

Expertise & Support: Trooth Community Assemblies aim is to use the expertise of individuals within local groups to help and support others. Trooth Community Assemblies are now setting up Community Assemblies across the British Isles, and are in close touch with Assemblies in Canada as well as fledging groups in the USA and South Africa and are offering support to other countries in any way that they can. The Community Assemblies operate under Common or Natural Law and allow members to take back control of their own lives.

Fair Treatment: Trooth Community Assemblies aim to ensure that members are treated fairly by authorities, including health and social care services which are currently denying individuals much needed care. They have a wealth of natural healers and care professionals in their ranks and it is not beyond the scope of their vision to run their own health service.

Building Communities with skills and roles: Trooth Community Assemblies need people from all walks of life and all skill groups. The aim is not to move you away from other social media platforms, but rather to provide another means of communication amongst like-minded individuals in face to face meetings. They now cover the whole of the British Isles as far as National and Regional Assemblies are concerned and we are busy setting up Local Assemblies.

The Common Law Courts are also now training constables to enforce the law and Trooth Community assemblies have become engaged with that process. The Common Law Courts are providing the training for Peace Constables in the formation of a new Peace Force. People have the right to make their own decisions and walk their own path and that is exactly what the Community Assemblies are all about. Common Law Courts want people to take responsibility for their own lives and, through their own actions, create a stable and lasting
community throughout the world.

Whenever a discovery is made, or a solution obtained, the aim is to share that achievement with the rest of the community for the simple pleasure of helping others.

How to join ? Fill in the contact form on their website and you will receive an email once they have processed
your application. Notifications of meetings and seminars are posted through the Community Assembly Trooth groups.

The CA can either attach you to a current local Trooth Community Assembly or let you know when one forms. is not an online chat group but groups of real people meeting face to face making decisions over the administration of their own communities. The commitment is to natural or common law.

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