TOTNES Monthly “Community Awareness Walk” – Next Walk – Saturday 16th September 2023 – 11:00am.

Freedom March


Saturday 16th September 2023
Totnes Rotherfold Square – 11:00am
Rally Your Tribe – Make Your Stand.
Every 3rd Saturday of every month.

MONTHLY AWARENESS WALK –  Saturday 16th September 2023 – Totnes Rotherfold Square – 11:00am  leaving for Vire island at 1230pm and speakers at Vire Island from 1pm til 3pm.

THIS IS NOT A PROTEST, NOT A DEMONSTRATION nor is it a MARCH. We are no longer in resistance !! We have evolved – we are cultivating awareness, consciousness and understanding within our community.

Every 3RD Saturday of the month. Speakers including professors, doctors, concerned citizens and researchers will be taking a stand and sharing their truth from their personal experience and research.

Our “Community Awareness Walk – a moving group meditation” will begin at approx. 11:00 AM at Rotherfold Square with multiple educational speakers starting off the days events. We will then peacefully walk down through Totnes town making our way to the beautiful and relaxing location of Vire Island where we will continue with yet more community speakers, an open mic session and our unique activity of community awareness building during these changing times.

If you are starting to see the inconsistencies with the Main Stream Media’s portrayal of the news, can see the lies, manipulation and how information is being kept from us….then maybe you are starting to feel the effect of the Media’s lies in your personal life? Maybe it’s time for you to stand up and join those of us who are commited to raising awareness and consciousness – through community walks and talks   – Totnes. You will be most welcomed – we are from all walks of life.

The New World Alliance is nolonger responsible for organising these walks, talks and newspaper stands. This work has now been handed over in it’s entirety and has been taken on by the “Truth Seeking” community of Totnes and is now a decentralised structure of community peer group lead organisation. Please attend the talks and walks event for further information on the structure of responsibility of organisation from the local community.


Protest Flyer


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The Light Newpaper Stand – 11am until 4pm every Saturday in Central Totnes. Come and pick up this months latest copy !!

Every Saturday from 11 – 4pm in the Centre of Totnes “The Light” newspapers are distributed and people are engaged in conversation – from all walks of life. This is an invitation to consider another point of view. Are you not concerned about the radical changes taking place in our society ? Stop by and have a conversation. A social hub for community building with another perspective.