Totnes Freedom March with John and Professor Lister.

Totnes Freedom March with WordMagic John and Professor Mike Lister.

Dr Stephen Hopwood takes the mic and explains the critical reasons behind such endeavours as to participate in a monthly Totnes walk and talk, and that is in resistance to the Great Reset. Exercising our rights to speak to our community about current events is crucial for our freedom and democracy.

John takes the mic and unveils more regarding the TAX system, what our council tax is being spent on and updates us on his shenanigans with South West water. He also informs us on the different systems of the government such as legislation, policy and Law and contracts. His finishing words of encouragement and uniting are inspiring.

Rtd. Professor Mike Lister talks. Touching on depression data from the ONS an unfolding picture of society is appearing. he touches on current Interest rate rises, the housing market, so called 'traumatised workers', debt and more.

Totnes Freedom walkie/talkie takes place every 3rd Saturday of every month in the Rotherfold Square at 11am.



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TOTNES Monthly “Community Awareness Walk” – Next Walk – Saturday 16th September 2023 – 11:00am.

Totnes Rotherfold Square – 11:00am The New World Alliance is no longer responsible for organising these walks, talks and newspaper stands. This work has been taken on by the “Truth Seeking” community of Totnes and is now a decentralised structure of community lead responsibity.