Totnes Freedom March and Protest – Videos from Saturday 21st January 2023.

Totnes Freedom March and Protest - Saturday 21st January 2023.

Protesting against the WEF and the attempted Globalist takeover of our beloved planet.

Rtd Professor Mike Lister speaks volumes about the state of our world.

If they're as bad as you say, where are the bodies? Covering a wide range of topics Mike gives us a run down of his most recent research and discoveries. Mikes talks are well received in Totnes and greatly appreciated by the Devon community and all those seeking truth and guidance.

Dr Sandra Price - Rtd NHS GP from Plymouth gives her latest update

....on Covid vaccinations and the NHS. Solutions, journeys, idea's, stories and answers plus questions and all things community.

Natalie and the Devon Carbon Plan 21st Jan 2023 -

Outreach experts and local heroes Natalie and Joe explain how the Government plan to implement 15 minute cities with Torbay being a trial venue for their climate change lockdown concentration camps / Ghettos - coming to a town near you soon.

See what your local council has in store for you !

Rhiannon, Michael Mansfield QC and the upcoming 5G Court Case. 21st Jan 2023

Royal court of Justice. 6th & 7th of February for the 5G court hearing. Be there or be square.

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Totnes Freedom March and Protest – November 19th 2022.

The Awakening seems to be happening before our very eyes. More members of the community coming forward and sharing their enlightening experiences and speak of the journey of discovery. Watch the embedded videos of the speeches given at the protest and join us next month for more insightful presentations.