NWA organises the next Totnes Freedom March. Saturday 22TH January 2022 – 1200 Noon

Come & Rally for Freedom !

The Next Totnes Freedom March is on 22TH January 2022.

1200 Noon Rutherold Square to Long Marsh for Speakers, Open Mic and a Peaceful Demonstration

On 20th November 2021 a town in Devon England, Totnes, joined the world in protesting against mandatory mRNA vaccinations and the two-tier medical ⁣apartheid it will no doubt cause.

The Totnes Town Council applied pressure in the hope of preventing the people from marching, but they marched anyway. Later that day the New World Alliance held The Awakening Conference, in which many doctors and other researchers were invited to talk about the dangers of mRNA vaccines.

Among the guests were Dr Robert Verkerk, Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr Sarah Myhill, Professor Dolores Cahill and Dr David Halpin (former NHS surgeon).

Other guests included lawyer and former British Military Officer Anna de Buisseret, Patrick Henningsen, Sandi Adams and Gareth Icke. ⁣

Totnes Council had banned the use of their hall to hold the conference. The venue was changed to a hotel in Torbay, but Torbay Council found out the location and pressured Public Health England to cancel this venue also. However, like the march, the conference was still held, broadcasting on a livestream from another location.

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