The New World Alliance website formed in response to Community

THE New World Alliance website was formed in response to the local Totnes community and its expressed need for a spectrum of integrated independent media resources.

After being finally let out after the first Lockdown, the Totnes Truth Community came together under its old umbrella of Totnes Truth Juice. We met outside in various disguises and held private and public gatherings and talks and people took to the open mic on the streets to speak their truth in public.

The unnecessary Lockdowns, the blatantly manipulated information and the experimental vaccine rollout agenda, had a rallying function and united people with a mutual understanding and passion to turn the tide. The manifest emergence of the New World Order and its sudden great play to create a New World Order of its own dictate, became a powerful unifying force in itself. People are now continuously being pulled together, as it has become abundantly clear that the most important thing that we must do, in response to this attempted global coup, is to stand strong together against this global elite and their destructive agenda.

So once the important concept of alliance and community unity, being key to re-establishing our freedom, had become clear and the call was there from the local community, it was then that we chose to create the New World Alliance website and to offer these community based independent media platforms and resources.

You can email This is the central point of contact that we recommend for anybody interested in keeping up to date with us, so check in with us there.

Do sign up for the Email List. We have an email guy called Pete, who will make sure that everyone on the email list gets a weekly email, to keep you up-to-date with what's going on. He runs a second Email list for active activists, looking to see things actually getting done which depends on your area of interest. Pete will also make sure he picks up any incoming emails so you can be reassured that if you email in to us, you'll be sure to get a response within a day or two.

The front page of the NWA website looks and functions as an online newspaper, highlighting the articles that are here in this publication and offering a regularly updated Notice Board for current local community and national events, marches, demonstrations, political actions, and social activities.

Vital news, independent documentary channels, and alternative media information are all also available through the NWA websites video carousel iEyePlayer. This presents top alternative news media videos, presentations, and documentary clips that can be accessed and viewed easily, so you can keep up to date with everything without having to chase around.

The website has an inbuilt Social Media Platform, which provides an excellent user-friendly uncensored platform and resources for groups to get together and communicate well. Each of the local NWA local town support groups has its own specific social media platform forum on the website, where the local town coordinator works as the group moderator and supports the individuals in the groups with their local newspaper distribution rounds. We also have a Telegram page accessible through the website.

If you are interested in joining in with the local town New World Alliance face to face support groups and/or you would like to help distribute newspapers, please let us know your intentions and your location and we can put you in touch with your local town group and newspaper distribution coordinator.

If you are interested in joining our media team and have media skills, like video editing, WordPress functionality, newspaper article writing, tv video presentation, PowerPoint production, software skills or database management etc please also do get in touch as above and we can take it from there. It would be great to meet you.

JULY 2021

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