The Corporation – The Full Documentary.

Based on Joel Bakan's bestseller The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, this 26-award-winning documentary explores a corporation's inner workings, curious history, controversial impacts and possible futures. One hundred and fifty years ago, a corporation was a relatively insignificant entity. Today, it is a vivid, dramatic, and pervasive presence in all our lives. Like the Church, the Monarchy and the Communist Party in other times and places, a corporation is today's dominant institution. Charting the rise of such an institution aimed at achieving specific economic goals, the documentary also recounts victories against this apparently invincible force. September 2020: The New Corporation is coming! Join the mailing list for updates:

Subscribe to the Encore+ channel: Abonnez-vous à la chaîne Encore+: 2003 Also available in French /Aussi disponible en français (La Corporation) Produced by/Produit par : Mark Achbar and Bart Simpson. Dir./Réal. : Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott. Encore+ invites you to discover - or rediscover - memorable Canadian films and TV shows, wherever you are in the world. Brought to you by the Canada Media Fund and its partners. Follow Encore+: Encore+ vous invite à voir ou revoir des émissions et des films canadiens mémorables, où que vous soyez dans le monde. Une initiative du Fonds des médias du Canada et de ses partenaires. Suivez Encore+: #TheCorporation #MarkAchbar #JenniferAbbott #CMF #Canada #Film #Feature #Capitalism #JoelBakan #ThePathologicalPursuitOfProfitAndPower

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