Awakening Conference II – 22nd October 2022 – Watch all the video presentations here.

The Awakening Conference II – Saturday 22nd October 2022

Mandala House Buckfastleigh Devon.

Professionals, Researcher and Authors presenting on a full spectrum of vital issues.

Explaining the truth behind the lies and exposing the agenda underlying the false narrative.

Watch all the embed videos here – just scroll down and enjoy !!


Prof. Mike Lister – Rtd Principal Business Fellow, The University of Southampton.
Anna De Buisseret - Senior Lawyer - Ex Military Officer - Ex Pfizer Management Consultant
John Hamer - geopolitical researcher, analyst, public speaker, and author.
Mark Devlin - Speaker, DJ, Author.


Prof. Mike Lister - Rtd Principal Business Fellow, The University of Southampton, Professor, London Metropolitan University. Expert on persuasion and internet behaviour. 

Behavioural Control"- How the Government's "nudge effect" fits into the Propaganda framework which controls us all. Mike's speciality is in exposing the vast control mechanisms of the Government, Media, and the Internet, which manipulate and dominate our minds and behaviour.

Anna De Buisseret – Senior Lawyer – Ex Military Officer – Ex Pfizer Management Consultant

"The History of our Freedom – How they plan to take it away and what we can do about it."


Here Anna presents us with factual stories from history regarding our law’s and Freedoms, the importance of them and how some came to be. She explains about the importance of finding and understanding these current laws, which are within our history – Anna also details how they plan to take our freedoms away and what we can do about it. Anna is a beacon of light in the darkness, as a Senior Lawyer she also has experience as a TA Military Officer and once worked for Pfizer as a management consultant, she now talks of partitioning the King in an effort for us, we the people,to remain free.

You can find Anna on Twitter here.

Ideas to partition the King and new ideas regarding Privy Counsellors and our counties lord lieutenant’s.

Anna-De-Buisseret. The Awakening Conference 2.

John Hamer – geopolitical researcher, analyst, public speaker, and author.

"The Three Pillars of Fake Science – Exposing the manipulation, deceit and  truth bending of the current mainstream scientific narrative."


John Hamer is a full-time professional, geopolitical researcher, analyst, public speaker, and author, having written and published eight books to date. His first, The Falsification of History (2012) was, and continues to be, a great success and established his reputation as a writer of ‘real’ history. John has also extensively researched the Titanic myths and legends and has published two books on the topic.

In May 2016, John published the largest book to date. Behind the Curtain; a huge two-volume, 600,000+ word exposé of the fraudulent world-wide monetary and banking systems that prevail today and the people who run them with an iron fist encased inside a velvet glove. This book outlines precisely how those who are able to create money from ‘thin air’ are able to use that fraudulent ‘money’ to control almost everything else in the world and how they have distorted history and science for centuries, to pursue their own sordid agenda in order to create a false reality for humanity.

His next work was a new ‘take’ on the JFK assassination, JFK–A Very British Coup, (2019) which ‘names and shames’ the ‘British Crown’ as prime movers in the plot. This was followed by The Falsification of Science (2021), which is a sister volume to his first, The Falsification of History. This is another huge volume of work,  exposing all the ‘anti-science’ tactics employed.

John's last book "Welcome to the Masquerade" was written jointly by John and Shannon and was published in April 2022. This a thorough and comprehensive exposé of the events of the Pandemic of 2020/21. - John’s author page - John’s website - John’s channel is ‘John Hamer Official’

Mark Devlin – Speaker, DJ, Author

“Exposing the mind-control and social engineering machinations of the corporate music industry.”
The Weaponisation of Psychology, discussing all of the military-grade psychological WARFARE, brainwashing and mind-control currently being foisted on the masses.

New World Alliance.
The Awakening Conference 2. October 2022.
Totnes, Devon.

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