Robert F. Kennedy is at War. Should we all be at War?

Robert F. Kennedy is at War. Should we all be at War?

Robert F. Kennedy is at War. Should we all be at War?

“And I will Die with my Boots on fighting for these Children” – Robert F. Kennedy
To Die fighting is to imply War.

Firstly, I think we need to recognise we are at War. Let there be no doubt about that. The tyrants have taken hold and their bloody tentacles have burrowed their way through and into our political and governmental systems, and now even into our brains with attention needing to be paid to our endocrine system and how it can be used against us. This technocratic ideology is manipulating us and our reality, it rewards ignorance, promotes false narratives, creates false illusions and ultimately wills to control our behaviour. And who is doing all this? Namely the World Economic Forum and the pesky Globalists.

Seeking who and what to give our attention to is a struggle for many people these days – whilst others not so much.  If what you ultimately seek is Truth and honesty, in a world full of distorted information and liars this search can be not just a struggle, but a never ending one.

As a sovereign human being looking to make the best choices in life, whilst knowing of course that innocently having the wrong information or lack of can ultimately lead to injury or even death – just like it has always been. But the voices I listen to now – whom have been like a light in the darkness – have come to me from my seeking for different voices, for opposing views and sense making opinions. Edward Dowd – Ex hedge fund Portfolio manager from on of the biggest conglomerates in the World, BlackRock recently said that if he wasn’t involved in finance, the stories and information he needs to pay attention to in order to do great at his job would be considered conspiracy theory news by the Media and by many Muggles. Conspiracy theories are mainly speculations about the future, imperative for the financial market as predicting future changes can put you a step ahead of the game. And if your ahead of the game – game meaning the artificial information landscape maintained by the honourable psychopaths that are the mainstream media and Globalists – then you could be in a favourable position to enable you to make the better decisions for life, and in Edwards Dowd’s case, business.

My seeking for alternative news and different views takes much time but in-between the lines, in amongst all the conspiracy theories and mainstream news there appears to be a huge Elephant in the room, in fact, there is a herd. And that too was Edward Dowd’s thoughts. He talked about how he was of the mind that Pfizer were acting fraudulently in regards to the release of Vaccine Safety Data. This being the Elephant, as in why on Earth would they want to withhold the ingredients of the Vaccines? Palmed off by many as conspiracy theory it is a story not covered by the MSM, which in turn enhances that ignorance and narrows the view through the Overton Window. Ultimately herding people to crawl back into their womb from which they came, resorting back to a foetus like state where all they feel is warmth and nothingness. Almost like devolution, restricting the Human potential and attempting to keep us in a state of ignorance.

In these days, as I write this blog, Ignorance makes me think of Ukraine and the soldiers fighting for either side for a Truth that still eludes most of us, like 99% of us. The overly powerful voices on the MSM scream their version of the narrative, hammering us with what to think and what to believe as to suit a narrative that is secretive and pre-determined. Young soldiers seem to be fighting for their manipulated version of truth or from past life experiences, exactly as I did when I was sent to Iraq serving as a Soldier in the H M British Forces RE. and not to mention it was all in the name of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Otherwise known as Oil, Artefacts, land grabbing and criminal enterprise deal making, plus many other reasons no doubt. As Major General Smedley Butler once said, “War is a Racket”.

Still with ignorance in mind I think of the repulsive monotonous slew of toxic words and behavioural warfare techniques coming from the vaccination campaign too, explaining only part of the information and controlling the questions as to keep people in a transfixed state of manipulated ignorance. For the Globalists, keeping the masses in this ignorant state of trance has been weaponised and can now be used as a force against us.

On passing judgement from one person to another, our judged ‘worthiness of life’ on this Earth has gone from existing as an opinion in ones mind to possibly being turned into a kill switch, ready to be pressed if we fail the test. The weapon used to keep people in this state is being fired directly into our brains as we sit in-front of the tele of an evening, read the paper, or hear into our ears the radio on a drive home. This is the Overton Window.  The window from which we view our reality is based on the information we receive and that which we have been exposed to – the edges of our knowledge, our perception of our reality. That is to say, we don’t know what we don’t know. It also seems some peoples view through this Overton Window is still black and white, maybe even a peep whole, or possibly even a bricked up window whilst others have a crystal clear view as the insanely coloured, undulating landscape appears naturally before them.

That having been said, I think it’s true that we think and act on what we learn and what we know, or what we are exposed to, so if there is a war on information and free speech, what about if we are acting on false pretences due to information withheld or manipulated? What if my ideas of what the world is like is actually built up on false or incorrect information creating a distorted or unclear view of reality? What if Jeffery Epstein was murdered?
This state of ignorance has to some extent always been the case, but now it seems this state of ignorance that people have been herded into could be fenced off by Sanctuary Maintenance. Attention capture at its finest. Maybe there will even be barbed wire on top. I cant imagine it though, the hypnotic slumber in which many people reside seems to keep people desensitised into caring too much. They don’t want to escape! Ignorance appears to be bliss like happy as a pig in shit, whilst at the same time having a food tube pump processed condensed and stagnant excrement down into their bellies, just like Pharmanimal, I mean farm animals!….. FFS

To that end, it is imperative we understand the importance and meaning behind the fact that what ever external forces we give our attention to will only get stronger, bigger and more dominant within our lives. In assessing peoples behaviours and actions, ethics and morals, Robert F. Kennedy jr is someone we should all be talking about and paying more attention too. The subjects are relevant for our survival and the survival of our children. In times of War small talk is for the walking dead, but as Robert F. Kennedy jr is spear heading the underlying evil and indifference that oozes out of this corrupt Capitalistic regime in the guise of medical saviours – new voices emerge on the horizon, we must seek these modern day heroes and thrust them into our own collective spot lights. Grass roots Media like we have never seen before.


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