Professor Mike Lister – New World Alliance Conference – The Illusion of Democracy.

Prof. Mike Lister



On 23rd April Professor Lister joined the New World Alliance in their quest for Truth. He came to Totnes and spoke at the recent Totnes Freedom Conference.
Set on the Beautiful Vire Island Mike took us on a journey of personal experience and observations in a rapidly changing world.

In his talk titled 'The Illusion of Democracy' and in a recent article he wrote for the New World Alliance; he explains and highlights the dangers that we see laying ahead, laid out bare. One of the main concerns being the W.H.O Treaty. Explained in more detail here.

His experience, knowledge and information is eye opening, its understandable and helps in sense-making during current events.
He is a Former Principal Business Fellow of the University of Southampton and Visiting Professor
of London Metropolitan University and past member of Parliamentary Information Technology Committee.

He is also a Business owner and
software developer.

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