Newspaper distribution – an independent, alternative point of view.

Newspaper distribution - an independent, alternative point of view.


The Light newspaper is a new independent alternative publication offering a different point of view to the mainstream media narrative.The newspaper was first published in September of 2020 and they have had increased production month on month since then. The newspaper is excellently written with some very articulate and sensitive journalists that have been able to convey new concepts and understandings of a subtle nature in a way that is relatively easily digestible by most clear-thinking people. What they say seems to be common sense, fair, reasonable and appropriate, and yet at the same time they offer a radically different viewpoint to the monopoly mainstream story. 


The Light newspaper has subsequently given communities a fantastic opportunity to offer people in their hand, an alternative perspective, a different point of view and the foundations of a new and important conversation. Their logical analysis, factual interpretation and their painting of a different picture is refreshing, inspiring, and has the power to change hearts and minds. 


A lot of people are ingrained into the habits and thought patterns of their lives, and habituated to the information that they ingest through the television, the radio, mainstream newspapers, and mainstream media on the internet. These people will rarely get the chance to consider another point of view. And that's the point. One purpose of the structure of the media cartel is to monopolise the narrative and control the way people think and what we believe. The Light newspaper challenges this one sided view and brings a balance to the table advocating free speech and open public debate not censorship.



New World Alliance has been supporting the distribution of The Light newspaper and since the 1st January 2012 has helped distribute around 5,000 newspapers across Devon every month. Initially, the distribution was rather haphazard, with people grabbing stacks of newspapers and disappearing off and putting them through letterboxes, distributing them on the streets and leaving them in strategic places like supermarkets or on the train. This was seen as great, obviously, but insufficient to just employ guerrilla tactics and encourage spontaneous activism alone. More organisation was clearly called for, to get the most out of the distribution network. 


Many local groups in Devon meet regularly and are coordinated and facilitated by dependable and reliable people. These local town group coordinators are stepping forward and working with administration teams to make clearly delineated paper rounds whereby each town in the region is being systematically divided up into an A4 map, with clear boundaries, street names and postcodes. Designated paper rounds for people have been created to distribute the light in each of the major towns in South Devon. This is bringing a much more functional and reliable system into place and actually is more fun. The vast majority of people who deliver the Light Newspaper experience a lift in their energy, a positive worthwhile feeling and enjoy the exercise !. Every paper posting is an opportunity to bring new insight, bringing some hope of light, perspective, and a fresh point of view into a home, and a chance for others to discover a different new conversation.


If you're interested in distributing this newspaper and The Light newspaper, if you feel that the time has come to get off the sofa and do what you can to turn the tide, then please do get in touch. You can email the local groups by emailing the website If you give your name and location, we will forward your email to the coordinator of your most local group and you can join the teams and together we can make a difference.

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