New world alliance began running support groups in Totnes once the first lockdown had ended.

Newworldallaince began running support groups in Totnes once the first lockdown had finally ended in August 2020. It had become abundantly clear that we, as a community, needed to do the complete opposite of what the Government was recommending. Lockdown, social isolation, and social distancing were not the way forward. There was a clear and pressing need from the local community to get together, to meet up face to face on a regular basis, and to stand together. We needed to share our personal experiences, discuss the realities of the Orwellian nightmare unfolding before us and develop strategies of response and engagement.


As a result of various on-street altercations with the local police, we had come to know the local Totnes Police Sergeant Rob Wilson fairly well, so we decided to do the unexpected and to seek his endorsement of our activities to support and legitimise our social intimacy practices.


It was clear from the government website that even during Tier 5 lockdown that " groups of up to 15 people plus facilitators were permissible, for mutual aid, therapy and any other form of support".  So we engaged in direct communication until we had a clear agreement. 


Within a few meetings and email exchanges we managed to inspire the Sergeant to say, and I quote...


 "...where meetings were essential, they should be held out of public view, in an appropriate venue, numbers of participants would not exceed the 15 maximum (this figure being a limit, not a target) and the number of 'facilitators' would always be kept to a minimum. It is also important to note that the sessions would need to be formally organised and to offer clear support/aid or therapy. I would anticipate 'formally organised' to include clear start/finish times and a booking procedure (as opposed to a drop-in facility). Any support group meetings must be appropriately risk assessed and social distancing maintained."


This was really great news as it gave us the green light and enabled us to confidently step forward and develop the support group network structure which we have subsequently expanded around the region.


These groups have enabled people to share their emotional responses to what's happening, to share information about what's unfolding and it's enabled them to have important conversations to develop positive visions for the future and to build strategies of response.


Lockdowns do not work because they do far more harm to society than good. It's clear that we are social creatures and we thrive on human reactions, interactions and relationships, so it is especially important that we get together and communicate and socialize and interact and establish human communicative relationships with each other as a foundation of community unity and community action. 


The resolution by revolution is going to come but it is going to come from the people up and not from top-down, not from the government, the mainstream media, the corporate monopoly or the Elite.


Resolution by revolution is going to be a grassroots community movement that is already manifesting in a myriad of new face-to-face therapy groups and online communication platforms that are growing day by day. 

We now have active community groups around the Devon county in Crediton, Exeter, Newton Abbot, Paignton, Kingsbridge, Plymouth, Totnes and Dartmouth with new groups cropping up all over the place!


Please do email to make general inquiries into the times, days and locations of community support groups near to you. We have busy functional and very active support groups in the following local areas...


  1. Crediton - Monday evenings. Contact Richard
  2. Plymouth - Monday evenings Contact Colin
  3. Exeter - Tuesday evenings. Contact Lisa
  4. Kingsbridge and Salcombe - Wednesday evenings. Contact Julie
  5. Newton Abbott - Wednesday evenings Contact Andrew
  6. Totnes - Saturday 11- 1 pm. Contact Steve
  7. Paignton Sunday 10 - 12 Contact Debs
  8. Dartmouth Sunday 10 - 12 Contact Christian


For many people who become aware of the dis-information that we are fed and who see the agenda that is being imposed, isolation is a major issue. People are often holding a radically different point of view to the mainstream narrative and yet can be surrounded by friends and family who still subscribe to the conventional story. Standing up and speaking out when surrounded by a peer group who continue to cling to misinformation as truth, can be extremely challenging and difficult. Joining and regularly attending a local support group where many people have the same values, perspectives, and points of view as you can be hugely reassuring and empowering.  The opportunity to develop new friends, to have conversations with those of like mind, and feel integrated into a growing community of people with a fresh point of view has proved to be of enormous value to many who attend.


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