New political party in South Hams – The Freedom Alliance Party.

Voters in the South Hams district can now cast their vote in the County Council elections for a new political party that wants to end the lockdowns, protect medical freedom of choice and protect our human rights and liberties

The new Freedom Alliance political party fielded candidates in all seven of the divisions in South Hams. 

Dr Stephen Hopwood, local party spokesman and a doctor of medicine who has worked in Totnes as a holistic practitioner for 25 years, said: "These are unprecedented times and we decided to stand to directly oppose what is happening in our community. More and more people are intelligently analysing what is true and what is not and beginning to see through the false narrative."

The economy has been ruined and individual freedoms massively curtailed. These actions were never justified by the threat. Our fundamental human rights are in real danger of being lost and we believe we must act to protect our community and humanity.

The Freedom Alliance Political Party is committed to the principles of personal freedom. The party believes everyone has the right to choose to leave home whenever they wish, to meet with whoever they want and operate a business and make a living as they need to.

The Freedom alliance believes that freedom of speech and the freedom of people to gather are fundamental human rights. Importantly, they consider everyone should be free to make their own medical choices - whether to have a vaccine, get a test or wear a mask.

Dr Hopwood said: "We reject the kind of restrictions that have been imposed on us in the last year under the guise of a pandemic which is just not justified by a proper rigorous scientific study of the data.

"We have seen the threat of Covid exaggerated and large numbers of deaths caused by the lockdown itself. People were unable to get treatment or were not diagnosed for other illnesses. The toll on mental health and on society as a whole has been appalling.

"Old people have been imprisoned in care homes. Children have seen their education blighted and been coerced into virus-testing regimes and mask-wearing which is hugely psychologically damaging. Businesses and livelihoods have been unnecessarily destroyed."

The Freedom Alliance is calling for an end to all lockdowns and believes any testing or vaccination should be completely voluntary and any "decline" should not lead to adverse consequences. The party rejects compulsory mask-wearing and says vaccine passports are unnecessary and discriminatory.

Dr Hopwood stood in Totnes and Dartington; Christian Parkes in Dartmouth and Marldon; Pete Burgess in Kingsbridge; Jim Blake in Salcombe; Simon Gedyes in Ivybridge; Emma Relph in Bickleigh and Wembury; and Jim Sandy in South Brent and Yealmpton.

Freedom Alliance is the one of a few new political Parties that stands for the Principles of Liberty, Sovereignty and the Preservation of Human Rights.

Freedom Alliance is a political party that is standing in real and direct opposition to the Government, mainstream media, and scientific narrative.

The other established mainstream political parties have failed to offer any cohesive opposition. Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Greens have just jumped on board with the narrative, hook line and sinker, without any proper analysis of the facts that are self-evidently highly questionable.

History has taught us that we can't always blindly trust our governments or pharmaceutical companies to act in our best interests. History has also taught us that the most horrendous atrocities can occur when people are forced to blindly follow their leaders and their authoritarian agenda, especially when this is without any right to question, to protest, or to choose another way.

Freedom Alliance believes in the absolute rights of the people to:

Have informed consent for any medical intervention. The legal basis for consent is that a person has a full understanding of the medical intervention they are agreeing to and that they do not feel coerced in any way. There is currently too much coercion, censorship of debate, and lack of transparency to enable people to make a truly informed decision. Informed consent and risk assessment compliance is simply not possible with masks, testing or vaccines as there are just no medium or long-term studies on these impositions.

The introduction of vaccine passports and mandatory testing is a violation of our human rights, as it coerces people into having a medical intervention through the threat of otherwise huge restrictions on their freedoms or loss of employment.

Freely associate, assemble and protest.

Solitary confinement and human isolation are punitive and harmful and we believe that people should never be prevented from socialising with one another. Furthermore, people's power is essential in a democracy and is only possible if the people can come together in numbers. Therefore, in the interests of democracy, we support all peaceful protests and oppose all government attempts to curtail this democratic right to associate and protest

Speak freely without censorship or penalty

Never before have we seen this level of media censorship. Information is censored not because of the reliability or source of the data or the credentials of the expert providing their opinion, but rather on whether it contradicts the current mainstream narrative. We believe that people should be allowed access to all opinions so that they can make a fully informed decision for themselves.

Make a living and operate business premises, because it is a fundamental human right

Businesses should be allowed to open without restriction or penalty and without the requirement to comply with mandatory activities.

Leave home whenever we choose 

We must maintain and preserve our right to be able to leave our home and travel freely across both this country and abroad without vaccines, testing or quarantine.

Be free of this impact on Our Local Communities

We are all concerned citizens of the South Hams community who have stepped forward because we are deeply disturbed by the impact the government response to Covid has had on our local communities and we want to offer a viable alternative for people to rally behind as a realistic way out of this situation: By ending all covid-19 restrictions - because we consider the impact of these restrictions to be worse than the ill effects of the virus itself.

Back in March 2020, our government stated that there needed to be an end to 'non-essential contact' and 'non-essential business'. Our government, without consulting its people and without offering a choice, decided that it was non-essential to see loved ones, attend funerals, be with family when they died, hug, move freely, have access to education, socialise, sing, make a living, but most important of all to have freedom to make informed choices. These are our basic human rights and this is because they are the basis of our humanity and the foundation of our well-being.


The restrictions are justified by the notion that people can spread the virus without knowing they have it and yet there is no evidence that asymptomatic people spread the virus.

Many would argue that the impact of the government restrictions is not worth the national 0.29% death rate of COVID-19. To put this into perspective, the death-rate for smallpox is 30%.

A Brighter NOW for our children and young people

We insist that our children and young people are provided with the education, social engagement and mental health services that they need to thrive.

Cohesion and Hope, rather than Division and fear

Although our communities have been providing amazing support for one another, the impact of the fear-led COVID narrative and lockdown measures placed huge strain on our social cohesion. Councils even called on people to inform on those considered to be breaking lockdown rules, sowing seeds of suspicion and division in our communities.

Stand for the right of local businesses to trade freely in any way they choose

Lockdown has caused devastation to our independent local shops and businesses Businesses dependent on tourism were badly impacted. Many businesses have gone under.

Truth, Transparency and Restoration of Trust

It is hard for anyone to make an informed decision because the data readily available is so selective. For example, we regularly receive updates of the case numbers and number of people who have died within 28 days of testing positive, but the figures where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate are significantly lower.

We want our local councils and health authorities to remove the smoke and mirrors and present the facts as they are for people to feel able to make their own informed decisions.

A Ban on Vaccine Passports and Testing Certificates

The potential future for Devon is a segregated society, with those not vaccinated not having access to the same freedoms enjoyed by those who have been vaccinated. The vaccine has been shown to not prevent reinfection or transmission of a virus that has a very low death rate. To restrict the unvaccinated would be a blatant breach of their human rights.

The fact that 20 candidates stood contesting 60 seats means that one third of all the County Councillors were facing resistance from Freedom Alliance candidates which is a massive growth in the presence of a real opposition. At the next elections voters will be primed to consider this emerging party impressed by their efforts at their first election. Real new policies, based on real evidence based science are being offered by this new and rapidly expanding political party, for the public to decide, which way forward we will all ultimately go.

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