Lawful Observers are on the streets to protect people against police corruption and abuse of power.

Lawful Observers are on the streets to protect people against police corruption and abuse of power.


As far back as 2016 there were plans for Common Law community Officers/Constables to be trained up and to protect people and property against State Police corruption and abuse of power. The concept established itself in its complete fullness last year, meetings took place, much conversation was had and a collective of people from different groups and diverse backgrounds came together and founded the Lawful Observers - for the purpose of creating community policing  'by the people for the people'. 

The Lawful Observer role is primarily to work in an ancillary way with our current Police and also ancillary to any other form of independent community Peace preserving Constable Service that is set up. Lawful Observers have a primary aim to uphold people's rights in a lawful and peaceful manner. Ancillary means "providing necessary support to the primary activities or operation of an organization, system". Well, the primary activities of the system should be to provide justice to all without state brutality. So Lawful Observers are in support of these true lawful primary objectives of our community in all their healthy manifestations.

"Policing by consent" is actually the real foundation in law by which the Police affect their current duties. This perspective can shift the identification so that 'Police are the Public Servant who serve us and the Public are the Police who are Policing the Police'.

Dave Bloch has lived in Totnes for 21years, has won titles for local bodybuilding competitions, worked as a life coach and spent a 19 year career working in local prisons substance misuse services. He is a serious guy who takes life seriously, but has a kindly manner and a gentle voice, but I wouldn't mess with him. He doesn't seem to blink much and looks you straight in the eye. 

 "I became a Lawful Observer student/volunteer so that I could deepen my understanding and intellectual appreciation of how both Common Law and state legislative statutes influence our daily lives and also to learn what we can do,  lawfully and honourably, to protect our inalienable human rights,"he says.

"Undertaking the Lawful Observer training has really opened my eyes to what 'Policing by [Public] consent' is meant to look like, and how it's vital the public are actively involved to ensure the Police code of ethics are being upheld and that we support our Policemen and women to carry out their duties lawfully.

"The Lawful Observer training informed me how policing best practice is actually via something called "due process".  It has taught me what is really meant by "duty of care" and the " impartiality in the service of law."

"All this helped me to realise that as a community we do have a responsibility to assist and support our policemen and women and it is our important duty to hold those constables/ officers accountable if they stray from due process when policing."

"Personally, attending the Lawful Observer training has strengthened my knowledge of our rights, given me the confidence to stand up for these rights, and the knowledge of how to conduct myself in a peaceful and assertive manner when dealing with these issues in public."

Knowledge is power ...... our power! Together we go, Together we grow.



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