Jennifer Luke – Fluoride in drinking water – a reckless impact on health?

Jennifer Luke - Fluoride in drinking water - a reckless impact on health?

A talk by Jennifer Luke
Jennifer Luke gave up her career in clinical dentistry to research the implications of adding fluoride to drinking water supplies.
Increasing one's fluoride intake inexorably leads to higher levels in the blood which may cause harmful effects in other tissues besides the teeth.
Her research suggests that fluoride has a detrimental effect on the functioning of the pineal gland by inhibiting the synthesis of melatonin (the pineal main hormone).
Jennifer will share the facts about fluoride metabolism and about the pineal gland that under pin her research. Her work has been peer reviewed and cited in many scientific papers.
Her passion is to raise awareness that interference in pineal function in children by fluoride is a greater detriment to health than any benefit in a reduction of tooth decay.

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