How to build a stronger immune system – Does the Prof know ?

There are some fundamental principles of medicine that should have always been respected.

Some are as follows:

1. "Do no harm";
2. "Always provide fully
informed consent"; and
3. If you are asking someone to be part of a trial or medical experiment, rather than offering an established and approved medicine, then you really must havefully "informed consent, regarding the realities of this experiment."

Surely, the best approach and attitude is not to be anti Vaccination - it is much more reasonable to be pro medical freedom of choice. This discrimination though is very important to make and is in fact vital. It is all about freedom. However, by law, any medical choice or decision must be on the basis of fully informed consent and a truly free choice, without any coercion or consequence.

So in order to have fully informed consent there needs to be a full spectrum of information available to the public and information must not be censored or biased. Both sides of an argument must rightfully be given equal value and an opportunity for conversation and debate must be created as part of our open democratic society.

In the interests of free speech and informed consent let's look at some facts and bring some much needed breadth to the discussion. Covid viral infections, so we are told, can yield no symptoms, mild symptoms, moderate symptoms, severe symptoms and also fatal symptoms. This clearly is also a disease so severe that you need to be tested to know if you have it or not. We are also told that many of the people who die from (with) Covid have Vitamin D3 deficiency, are often overweight, elderly and have other severe chronic medical conditions. Presumably then, the healthier you
and your immune system are, then the less you should be at risk. So how do we actually cultivate health and generate a strong immune system?

Vitamin D3 has certainly hit the mainstream and is known to be a key factor in immunity. But are there any other factors we should consider? Well, one person who has studied this question is Professor Robert Thomas. He is an experienced UK oncologist and professor of exercise and biological science at Cambridge University. He works with an established nutritional laboratory and he offers a private blood test that measures micro-nutrients which are apparently essential and have been implicated in the "cancer pathway" in some way. He seems to be saying
that a deficiency of micronutrients can lead to an imbalance in the immunity and this in turn can cause an increase risk of chronic diseases, which according to the Professor may also include cancer. Vitamins, essential minerals, fatty acids and antioxidant enzymes seem to be the key factors and the following are tested as part of his recommended analysis. Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper and Calcium are all tested for. Vitamins
A, E, C, D3, and Essential fatty acids (Omega 3) are also checked. The importance of liver detoxification
through antioxidant enzymes seems to be another key factor in optimizing immunity apparently.

So, it is clear then - or at least we hope it is - that news from a top Cambridge Professor is that we can indeed influence our immune function through micronutrients optimisation as a principle and in clinical practice. So immunity is the pivot point. Deficiency of building blocks on one side can cause increased risk on the other?So what else is important to our immunity? Well, our gut health and our microbiome must be central, obviously. Our red blood cells delivering oxygen may also be key to our health, so making sure we have enough Iron, B12 and Folic acid is vital too perhaps? Thyroid function is also likely to be fundamental for our circulation, vitality, metabolism
and immunity so naturally optimising our thyroid could be another base to our health and immunity - does
this seem like common sense? A nutritious good healthy diet with optimal amounts of clean water, fresh vegetables, fats and proteins, keeping sugar and refined carbs low and natural nutritional supplements, must surely provide a natural firm foundation wouldn't you think? We also collectively understand that sunlight, fresh air and being out in nature are so important. Human relationships, physical contact, exercise, good community, family, friends, animals, love and personal intimacy, are also vital to our good health and immune vitality. A good positive attitude is also required. Building health and immunity is both an art and a science and there are a number of key cornerstones that
are naturally and self-evidently part of the practicalities of developing better health and immunity.

Why then, are the media and the Government not really listening to Professor Thomas and why are we not all being encouraged to engage in these immune boosting activities? Is the vaccine the only way? It certainly seems like it when we listen to the Government, mainstream media and scientific narrative. The Government has prioritised clean water as its number one provision for providing and supporting health in our nation and communities. Sadly the second most important provision, on their list, is vaccines. Not clean air or clean natural food or optimal nutritional supplements but vaccines. But for widespread vaccine administration to be appropriate,  truly fully informed consent has to be a functional reality and we always need to keep asking "Is there another way?". The Vaccine we are told will not stop you catching Covid, it won't stop you carrying it and it won't stop you passing it on. It may decrease your experience of some of the symptoms, but that is about it, so they say. This means that masks will continue, social distancing will continue, and so will ongoing lockdowns.

So in reality is the vaccine actually a symptomatic treatment or is it indeed a true vaccine which confers immunity to the disease? This is yet unclear. If the vaccine is just a treatment then this begs the question: "are there any other western medical treatment approaches that may also be effective at decreasing symptoms?" Well, certainly Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have hit the news - which are pharmaceutical products, which have been widely used and appear relatively safe. Both have received some serious attention from independent doctors with some very encouraging reports. But again significantly marginalised and not fully discussed by the Government or media, which they should be as part of the principle of informed consent, necessary for large-scale vaccine "treatment" roll-out. By definition, it is clearly unsafe to widely distribute an experimental vaccine. A person who takes a vaccine is normally completely healthy and would normally continue to be healthy without the vaccine. So, vaccine safety must be guaranteed. Vaccines are not always safe and cancause harm ( More studies of the Covid vaccines' safety and efficacy must be conducted and published, and more transparency about possible risks provided to the public before people are coerced without proper fully informed consent into perhaps  the largest experimental medication programme in our British history.

The other problem is what if the vaccine is not actually a true vaccine and is actually rather a biotech medical device? We are told it is a strand of messenger RNA (mRNA) that is delivered to the workings of our cells and is a mechanism for controlling our cells' protein production to produce synthetic pathogenic virus proteins, designed to elicit an immune response. This is brand-new technology, and has no medium or long-term studies and could so easily go very badly wrong. There cannot realistically be truly informed consent as there is a vast deficiency in the information necessary to qualify as informed consent. Do we really need a vaccine if we are fit and healthy with a good, functioning immune system as then Covid 19 is unlikely to do us much harm? This is an important consideration. Maybe there are many other much healthier, less risky and less toxic ways of boosting the immune system and dealing with viral infections. Pharmaceutical companies are exempt from all vaccine damage liability which doesn't give much reassurance. So until some of the fundamental guiding principles of medicine have been more consistently upheld; maybe we may wish to wait a while, let things unfold and gather some more information for ourselves before deciding which way we want to go. To trust your immune system or to trust Big Pharma? A
difficult decision for many, but the choice must always be our own.

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