Have Your Say on UK Digital ID Trust Framework.

Complete the UK digital identity and attributes trust framework survey here: https://dcms.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/for... We think the four most important things that need to be communicated to the UK government through the survey are: 1.That there must be no unsolicited sharing of digital ID data with the private sector 2. We demand that conventional, non-digital IDs are maintained as an option for use alongside digital IDs in all situations where a digital ID may be used 3. That there is no discrimination, as well as no reduced privileges or penalties for those who do not choose to use digital IDs 4. That the UK government does not link or incorporate vaccination 'passports' into digital IDs, as this would undermine both equity and privacy, while introducing a host of major ethical challenges For more information: SUBSCRIBE to our FREE weekly newsletter 
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