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  • Peter

    22/10/2020 at 07:13


    I would like to suggest that we have different MCs (Master of Ceremonies) for choosing who speaks and when each week. Also that this MC doesn’t speak him or herself but simply allocates an order of speaking and keeps time and suggest a 10 minute cap on length of sharing (flexible and can be extended for certain situations). This follows the model of the Occupy movement with their democratic peoples assemblies.

    This ensures that everyone has a fair chance to speak and no one goes on too long hogging the limelight and boring the pants off the audience which results in attendance figures falling which was our experience with Frack Free Totnes.

    Also as people are shy standing up “on stage” can we just pass the microphone around like a talking stick perhaps ? Technically possible ??

    In my experience with Occupy Totnes campaign and Track Free Totnes and also Rainbow Gatherings when everyone is given the opportunity to share and are given the space to be listened to then the content of the shared information to the group vastly multiplies and embraces other modes of communication than traditional intellectual left brain lectures.

    We need to hear from everyone in our group and give them the mic and space to be heard. This also means people take ownership of movement and contribute rather than passively listening to “experts” and dropping out as they feel they are not needed or valued by the group and have nothing to contribute or say (which is not true as we all have something to contribute).

    Also can we have more music, poetry and dancing breaks to raise energy and facilitate emotional communication ?

    Feedback welcomed.


  • Mark

    22/10/2020 at 09:20

    Definitely a vote here for more music, poetry etc and of course to ensuring a spirit of inclusivity and giving everyone a chance to speak and share – we are perhaps in a slightly different (and more challenging) situation insofar as the “guidelines” which many mistake for “law” place restrictions on gatherings, navigating all that is confusing to say the least (cos that’s the way, aha aha, “they” like it!)


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