5G its dangers

  • 5G its dangers

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  • ian

    16/11/2020 at 03:24

    A microwave Oven is at 2.4 Ghz

    Wifi is at 2.45 Ghz , They are almost identical except for quantity.

    An Oven is 700 watts or so and a Wifi Router is about 1 Watt.

    Now lets put the Oven onto Defrost…lets say 100 Watts, oh and turn down the 240v supply so its only 20 watts. Who is happy to sit in front of it with the door open ? not me! not even for 5 minutes! let alone have it pointed at you 24/7

    and most people if they turn on their phone or pc can see that there are many Wifi signals close by.

    And this is just Wifi…. 5G is 5Ghtz and 20Ghtz and 80 Ghtz and beyond.

    The Microwave weapon for crowd control (found on you tube) is at 80Ghtz.

    holy smoke i bet that could cook a chicken ….and fast!

    Protection from it ?

    well its a big topic…. but to start with ask the sparkling thing in the sky…the super conciousness….. er…excuse me…. can I have protection from 5G….. I get a pretty rapid ‘Yeah Sure!… you got it!’ reply. I dont need anything else, but some people might want to put tinfoil over all their walls aswell. :o)

  • Fai

    25/11/2020 at 14:54

    Hi Ian – I’m putting together a coherent I-player page at Stephens request and need 3-6 relevant up to date videos (perhaps a couple of historic ones from march – August?) links please if you have some to place in page to start to fill the I-player….at present they can only be you tube or Vimeo links (which is clearly censorship bollocks but at least we get some stuff in there) x Fay

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