Freedom Hub Network – local community support groups.

The Freedom Hub Network is a movement for freedom

The Freedom Network is a non-political and inclusive movement taking action to reclaim freedom through individual and collective action.

The movement regards equal rights for all to be the best basis for a healthy society.

The Freedom Network believes in individualism and not communitarianism, meaning the individual has the right to be heard as a sovereign being.

Each hub brings together people from backgrounds to share advice and information, receive and give advice and give support and take steps towards a future where our freedom is never treated as optional. You will find a hub located in your county or metropolitan area with multiple branches feeding into a hub as the network evolves.

It gives you a chance to meet up with like minded people and take regional and national action. As the hubs grow, the aim is to spread out into neighbouring towns and feed into the county hub. One of the key campaigns is to scrap the Coronavirus Act and to ensure that Common Law is upheld. This means lobbying MPs and Government and organising protests. The hubs work with a growing number of professionals and support local businesses. They print leaflets and distribute The Light newspaper. They also seek to connect with like-minded groups and people.

Above all the hubs encourage the active participation of members and fresh ideas.

Why not join a freedom hub yourself?

Meeting Totnes Monday 6pm. 

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