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    Hello all,

    I have been wanting to create a directory all vax-neutral services, i.e. all professionals in all sectors who don’t care and will never ask whether their clients are vaccinated or not. A directory of vax-neutral services so to speak. This will, not only help service providers and potential clients who do not want to discriminate or be discriminated against find each other, but it would also help everyone find like-minded people near them to build local communities and organise solutions and defences if and when necessary. I believe that what is needed right now, more than anything, is resourceful local communities to operate outside the mandates and weather the storm together, and to create positive realities for themselves. Anyway, i am not technically up to the task so i would like to appeal to people with knowledge of web development who would like to team-up to try and make this a reality. I would like to make it free to advertise your business there, or very cheap or maybe asking for a voluntary contributions. I should be a very simple concept and easy to use but capable of hosting a lot of entries, with drop-down menus for country, town and type of service. We should all benefit from this so I hope many people come forward to help work this out, build it and launch it!

    Many thanks and best wishes