Ex MI5 Officer David Shayler – New World Alliance Conference. Covid-19 & Government fakery

David Shayler

Ex MI5 Officer David Shayler speaking at the Freedom March Conference (Totnes, England), 23rd April 2022.

Former MI5 Officer who blew the whistle on MI6 funding Al Qaeda 20 years ago. He brings to bear his experiences working for the Sunday Times and the Heart of the secret state. David's talk is "From 911 to Covid 19 Government Fakery" and exposes government lies and deception.

David Shayler’s talk on his life experiences and the way he see’s certain world events having been played out was hugely eye opening. His personal dealings with governments, spying and possession of information which only wars are fought over was hugely captivating and thought provoking. His talk touches base on many major world events, from 9/11 to Germ Theory. 

In a Video here David is seen being release from Prison back in 1998; he faced being charged under Britain’s Official Secrets Acts after he revealed details of intelligence operations.

A report from the Associated Press writes;

Among Shayler’s claims was an assertion that the British Government planned to kill Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. David Shayler left La Sante prison in southern Paris on Wednesday afternoon, only hours after the French court’s decision. He was greeted by his two brothers, obviously overjoyed to be seeing him freed after his months in prison. Shayler, who worked for M-I-5, Britain’s internal security service from 1994 until 1997, was arrested in August at the request of British police. He was reported to be on the verge of releasing information about an alleged British plot to kill Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. If he had been deported Shayler faced being charged under Britain’s Official Secrets Acts and risking up to two years in prison. In the end the case proved to be an embarrassment for the British government.


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