Dr Sandra Price – Ex NHS Doctor. Totnes 19th Nov 2022

Dr Sandra Price - Ex NHS Doctor. Totnes 19th Nov 2022

Dr Sandra Price is a retired GP from Plymouth who worked in the system as a conventional NHS doctor for more than 30 years. She is also a local church warden. She is standing up and presenting here today because she holds a point of view that is in direct contradiction to the government and NHS narrative. Dr. Sandra will discuss the inappropriate use of masks, the ineffective nature of social distancing and the significantly detrimental effects on our Society of lockdowns. She exposes the myth of the false narrative and asks the question: what's coming next ? Many countries are most likely to sign up to the WHO pandemic treaty allowing the WHO decide what constitutes a pandemic and what mandated treatments and punitive measures will be implemented across the nation states in a compulsory manner. This is very concerning. Dr Sandra Price is an inspiration and a brave and passionate woman who is keen to make a stand and offer another point of view.

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