Dr Davin Halpin – Awakening Conference Totnes 20-11-21

Dr Davin Halpin - Awakening Conference Totnes 20-11-21

David vehemently opposed the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, deploring the destruction of people and their medical services. He also entered the public arena, with a group of other doctors, to seek a proper investigation of Dr David Kelly¬'s death. He says it is impossible that Dr Kelly died of haemorrhage from one small wrist artery, which is the first official cause of death. Furthermore, he considers it preposterous that this top scientist who knew all about the biology of death would have chosen a blunt pruning knife and co-proxamol tablets for his suicide. David Halpin was the first to publish these questions. Dr Kelly's part, be it primary or secondary, in pointing to the Weapons of Mass Destruction scam, continues to be revealed he says.

For a man so emotionally committed to good causes, David is very modest about his achievements: ¬"I¬'ve used all my ingenuity and a tremendous amount of energy, and money, and spent almost all my working hours striving for justice in Palestine and Iraq. Yet apart from providing comfort for some youngsters in Gaza, I¬'ve achieved nothing.¬" Many would disagree ¬- among them the Palestinians helped by his aid and encouraged by his support; the injured of Iraq, desperate for the medical services David fights to reinstate; and all those who believe in justice and morality rather than government spin and cover-ups. Edmund Burke wisely said, ¬"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.¬" David Halpin is doing a great deal.


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