Citizen Journalism – Looking for new voices in independent media.

The need for new refreshing and truly independent media and for pertinent accurate information, that has not been filtered or fed to us by the mainstream, has never been more pressing and vitally important.  

The New World Alliance website aims to provide people with up-to-date news articles and videos which seek to insightfully reflect the reality and true nature of what is unfolding on our planet today.

NWA is looking for writers, authors and "Citizen Journalists", awake and aware responsible articulate individuals who want to contribute to the change they want to see happening and who want to do something constructive to make a significant difference.

If you want to join our editorial team and upload featured news article and videos to the New World Alliance website then please do get in touch by emailing Pete at

We have a small and growing team of activists and all genuine input will be most welcome.

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