China ‘morally on the hook for trillions of dollars’ if COVID-19 came from a lab

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the "evidence grows by the day" COVID-19 "first leaked from a laboratory in China and if true, China will be morally on the hook for trillions of dollars" in compensation. "First there's this stunning coincidence the pandemic started outside a lab in Wuhan," he said. "What's more, this virus first appeared already perfectly adapted to killing humans with no sign of earlier strains. "Now even more decisive is a report from two American experts ... that says the amino acids that make up the genome of this virus and make it so dangerous are almost certainly man-made." Mr Bolt spoke to Atossa Therapeutics Founder Dr Steven Quay who told Sky News "there's probably a one-in-a-billion chance" the coronavirus could occur in nature but it's "exactly the sort of thing" you'd expect to see from gain-of-function research.

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