BBC PANORAMA :The David Shayler Affair (Aug 98) Part 1

David Shayler is a former MI5 (British Security Service) officer who was prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act after passing documents to the Mail on Sunday newspaper in August 1997 that alleged that MI5 was paranoid about socialists and that it had previously investigated Labour Party ministers Peter Mandelson, Jack Straw and Harriet Harman.
In 1998 this BBC Panorama broadcast following David Shaylers revelations that MI6 had been involved in a failed assassination attack on Libyan leader Colonel Gaddafi in February 1996 without the permission of the then foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind (required under British and international law). The plot involved paying the Libyan opposition group LIFG with supporters in London and links to Al-Qaeda 100,000 to carry out the attack.[4]
The group was paid to plant a bomb underneath Gaddafi's motorcade. The attack happened in March 1996 in the coastal city of Sirte. The bomb was planted under the wrong car and failed to kill Gaddafi but did result in the deaths of several innocent civilians.[3] In November 1999 he sent a dossier of detailed evidence of this including the names of those involved to then home secretary Jack Straw who stated that he was looking into the matter[5] as well as Parliament's security and intelligence committee and the police.

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