ANDREW BRIDGEN – Speech to Parliament December 2022

ANDREW  BRIDGEN   MP -  Speech to Parliament December 2022

ANDREW BRIDGEN M.P. - Speech to Parliament December 2022.   to a disgustingly empty Chamber of the UK Parliament , per the clear need - To Halt These Killer & Crippling Jabs immediately. He has since & recently had the ' Whip ' withdrawn for his temerity in speaking 100% truth to power. We are effectively living in an anti-democratic , bought & paid for - ' Fascist State '

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Vaccine dangers, UK Parliament debate

Mr. Andrew Bridgen MP expresses his views in UK Parliament debate – here it from the horses mouth. There’s your evidence on how damaging the vaccines are, it’s been brought up in Parliament with peer reviewed data and mentions how corruption is rife in this whole scandal.