A letter from Retd. professor of internet behaviour

Mike Lister

A letter from Retd. professor of internet behaviour - Mike Lister.

You will own nothing...

The brilliant futurist author, William Gibson, once very keenly observed that "the future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed."  What he meant was that rich people often have much earlier access to technology than poorer people.  Of course the opposite is likewise true, poorer people can also already be living as though they were in the future.  Sadly, by force of circumstances, these people are finding themselves in a position where they "own nothing", but the matching "and you will be happy" promise from the dystopian New World Order has so far proved to be elusive.

I was reminded of the Gibson quote when I was talking to a friend about a bank loan they were having trouble paying back.  I was amazed to discover that a £3,000 bank loan from Nat West had incurred a £900 arrangement fee as well as an interest rate of 26.4%.  The fee plus interest pushes the loan well into usury territory, generally agreed at anything greater than 30% interest.  And this is being charged by Nat West!  Do you remember the financial crash of 2008?  Instead of supporting the individuals who'd suffered through the banking malpractice, the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, bailed out the banks.  As of March this year (2022), the Government still owned 48.1% of Nat West shares.  I had no idea that clearing banks were charging their customers such exorbitant rates.  Charges such as these mean that over the thee year loan period our friend would have to pay back nearly twice the sum she borrowed.  A very handsome profit for Nat West by any measure, but a tough deal for her.

At the same time as making expensive personal loans, all the major banks worldwide are enabling Agenda 2030 to progress by aggressively moving into the property market.  Not content to drive up the cost of homes by providing 80% of bank lending for property mortgages, banks and financial companies now want to make money by directly buying houses and flats and then renting them out.  This is further increasing the price of purchasing a home, especially at a time when new building isn't matching demand. In fact house building has declined in the last couple of years and, as prices are driven ever higher, new entrants to the housing market are being forced to rent.  

Lloyds Bank has now set up its own private home rental brand, Citra Living, with a target to buy 50,000 homes by 2030, roughly one percent of the UK's rental housing stock.  To fit in with Agenda 2030 nearly all these new homes will be high rise apartments, built to let, in designated, densely populated cities.  The target market being all those people who have been forced to rent as property prices have become unaffordable.  Last year, according to the Halifax House Price Index, prices rose 11% which, for relatively modest accommodation, meant a rise of around £30,000 - which is about the average wage before tax.  The greatest UK growth last year was in the South West where house price inflation reached 14.6%. and an average house price is now £298,162.  Recently, Toby Fields, a director at Langley House Mortgages, said they were hearing from local estate agents that there were at least 25 buyers per property. 

Even if you are lucky enough to have money and a good job, being priced out of the housing market and forced to rent is not just a UK phenomenon.  Our daughter is married to an American and, because of her husband's new job, they are is trying to move to Florida from Pennsylvania.  She is a TV production manager and her husband earns a six figure salary as a cyber threat specialist for a large company.   Having sold their house quickly, they're not short of money but, because of escalating prices in Florida, they have to rent until they can manage to buy.  And there is fierce competition for every property that comes on the market.  Not only is Florida, with its liberal Governor Ron Desantis, a highly popular place to live, but the investment companies Blackrock and Vanguard have been buying every Floridian property they can get their hands on.  With deals arranged in seconds, and these two companies prepared to pay between 20% to 50% more than the asking price, families, even those with enough money, just can't compete.  Unlike individual buyers, Blackrock and Vanguard buy "sight unseen".  They don't need surveys or mortgages so the deal is closed within minutes.  Both these investment companies command unimaginable resources: between them they own nearly 90% of America's top 500 businesses.

So Blackrock, Vanguard and all the banks and financial institutions in the UK, Europe and the United States are causing an enormous transfer of wealth, not just from the poor, but from the middle class to the elite.  This is bound to create serious social instability because, in western developed nations, owning the property where you live, or at least aspiring to own it, has been a cornerstone of the culture for decades.  Owning your home, certainly for those able to achieve it, and the middle class for whom this is an expectation, has meant a modicum of security for later life.  Once the mortgage has been paid off and the owners retired, they've had a significant asset that can be used in many ways to provide financial support at a time of low income.  

The frightening level of insecurity and growing social unrest from those trapped in this neo-feudal state has been deliberately created.  This is a direct result of the United States led finance industry following the World Economic Forum's diktat.  International governments are colluding with large corporations in an ever closer "Public Private Partnership" for the supposed benefit of their citizens.  Yet in reality, any benefits only end up in the hands of the few.  Under the guise of green sustainability and Agenda 2030 the evil elite are buying up the environment and as much property as possible.  This is entirely for their profit and, ultimately, their total social control.  Does that make you happy....it shouldn't.

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